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bringing learning to life ..


We believe that it is important that pupils really engage with their learning, and use opportunities to 'bring learning to life' by augmenting classroom based learning with visits and trips. These are designed to extend learning, and also to act as a springboard for further learning and to give context. Children find these opportunities inspiring and memorable and the impact on their learning is evident in the work they produce in response to trips etc.

We also believe that children learn best when they feel part of a community that is all learning and working together. We organise themed weeks and days, where the whole school may be working on the same broad topic, often in classes but sometimes across classes. This enables our older pupils to 'teach', share  and model learning with younger pupils, and also allows us to draw on specialists within our local communities. For example, during a whole school science week classes learned about 'flight' to celebrate 100 years of the RAF (drawing on the schools' strong links with the RAF); classes carried out activities based around flight, ranging from balloons in Reception to rockets in Years 5 and 6; we also drew on our parents and community to come into classes and share their experiences. It was an amazing and unforgettable week for the whole school community - how many schools have a helicopter landing on the school field? 

In addition to all the class based topic activities we also offer a wide range of extra curricular activities. These are open to all ages from Year 1 to Year 6 and are varied, including sports, musical and creative clubs.

Throughout the year we encourage parents and carers to visit the school for various activities and events. We hold Celebration Assemblies weekly on Fridays, where we celebrate the successes and achievements of our children, and three times a year each class hosts an assembly where they share their learning. We also invite parents to join us at fund-raising events, such as Coffee Afternoons, and at the end of Themed Weeks, where we can showcase our learning.