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The Rissington School
Aspire - Belong - Challenge

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Behaviour Protocol

96% of parents said their child was happy at school (2020 parent survey)
95% of parents said pupils behave well at school (2020 parent survey)


The Rissington School is a place where:

  • Every member of our school is important and valued
  • Each has an important contribution to make to the school community
  • Children, parents and staff feel safe and secure
  • All members of the community display courtesy, kindness and consideration towards one another 
  • Children feel able to share their concerns and worries with any member of staff and feel confident that they will receive a sympathetic response
  • People are tolerant and understand that differences and individuality are to be respected
  • There is consistency, firmness and fairness when dealing with problems (children know and understand limitations)
  • People communicate calmly with one another in all situations
  • Support is available when individuals feel vulnerable
  • We value ourselves and each other 
  • We value effort, hard work and good behaviour

The school acknowledges that good behaviour should be rewarded. We encourage good behaviour through the development of a positive school ethos that begins at the time of school entry and continues throughout. Whilst sanctions are used when required, we aim to develop good behaviour choices by encouraging, recognising and modelling the types of behaviours that we feel contribute to a respectful and supportive learning environment. 

 Senior pupils are involved in supporting the behaviours of others, and are given roles and responsibilities to support them during playtimes, lunchtimes, paired activities and whole school events. 

Kindness Ambassadors are chosen each year to work with the Headteacher and Wellbeing Specialist to develop ways of spreading and supporting others to use 'Kind words, Kind hands'.  

Positive Behaviour and Prevention of Bullying Policy