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The Rissington School
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 At the Rissington School we recognise the importance of Wellbeing -  both physical and mental.  We are committed to supporting our pupils, staff and families to develop ways of developing wellbeing practices, managing stress and anxiety and growing a positive mindset.

We are very fortunate to have a specialist coach who works with all the classes once a week, supports small groups and individuals, works with families and parents, and also does mindfulness sessions with the staff.  Mrs Barnes is loved by everyone - and the feedback we have had from parents and pupils alike has been overwhelmingly positive.  In particular, her work with the Year 6 this year has been evident both on residential (when pupils were heard to say 'remember what Mrs Barnes has taught you - breathe and relax' when at the top of the zip wire) and also during SATs (when pupils used their positive affirmations and relaxation techniques to manage their nerves).  By working throughout the school - from Reception up - we aim to ensure these skills are embedded in all our children, so they can rise to the challenges and face any stressful situations with confidence.   

Mrs Barnes is the best... I was anxious about SATs, but now I am not even worried.  I'm so excited to carry on … Thanks to Mrs Barnes I'm now a different person in my mind.

Year 6 Pupil  

I just wanted to say a big thank you for the parent Happiness sessions that Mrs Barnes has been running. I have really enjoyed attending them this term and feel that both myself and my family have benefited.

I find the sessions uplifting and come away feeling really positive. I have also learned some handy tips in regards dealing with situations and using coping techniques.