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The Characteristics of Effective Learning

Aspire, Belong, Challenge

Yeti and his crew, which one are you?

 The Characteristics of Effective Learning

 As a school we feel that the Characteristics of Effective Learning don’t just stop at Reception and continue to be an important part of children’s education throughout their years with us.

Children need motivation to learn. Motivation is more important than intelligence and is the key to success for children and adults. Think of the Characteristics of Effective Learning as instilling motivation to not only succeed in Early Years, but to also become lifelong learners. As practitioners we provide an environment which ensures these different types of learning occur. When the characteristics are present, solid learning is taking place. Without the characteristics of effective learning, the children will not develop in the areas of learning. Therefore, the Characteristics of Effective Learning are not only statutory, they are essential.

We provide a rich, inquisitive environment to spark the children’s natural curiosity. Our environment is exciting to enable children to play and explore.  Through our rich environments we hope to create awe and wonder. We providing stimulating resources which are accessible and open-ended and relevant to children’s interests.

We celebrate children’s successes throughout the school linked to the Characteristics and celebrate these in classes and whole school assemblies.


Early Years and Key Stage 1

Here are our Reception children showcasing our Characteristics of Effective Learning:



Achievements are closely linked to our Characteristic animals and collect stamps to put in their ‘Yeti’ passport when they feel secure in each Characteristic.

Creative Chameleon – I have my own ideas

I know Rhino – I play with what I know

Persevering Parrot – I keep trying

Slinky Linky Snake – I make links with what I know

Concentrating Crocodile – I join in and concentrate

Go For it Gorilla – I will have a go

Choosing Chimp – I choose ways to do things

Exploring Elephant – I am an explorer

Proud Peacock – I am proud of what I do


Key Stage 2

Moving into Key Stage 2 we want the children to continue on the pathway to become lifelong learners – remaining motivated to learn.  The characteristic animals and the Yeti crew remain and attach themselves to our 5 R’s:


Reciprocal – Share your strengths – Exploring Elephant, I Know Rhino

Responsible – Be ready to learn – Creative Chameleon, Go For It Gorilla, Concentrating Crocodile

Reflective – What worked well?  Even better if? Proud Peacock

Resourceful – Find solutions not problems – Slinky Linky Snake, Choosing Chimp

Resilience – Don’t give up – Aim high – Persevering Parrot