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Beyond The Classroom

At The Rissington School we believe that learning is not just confined to the classroom, and does not just take place in lessons! We embrace the fact that we are all learners - adults and children alike - and aim to instil in our pupils and families a lifelong love of learning from all situations. 

To this end, we actively plan to extend learning into the outside environments (Learning Outside the Classroom), and provide a range of enhanced learning activities to bring the curriculum to life (Trips, visits, extra-curricular clubs).   After consultation with parents and pupils, we have recently updated our homework policy - which included renaming it to 'home learning' to raise its profile and make it more positive. 



Beyond the Classroom Residentials


At the Rissington School we offer a 2 night 3 day residential trip in Year 4 and a 4 night and 5 day residential in Year 6.

Residentials are brilliant. They are a vehicle for providing high quality education in an outdoor environment making full use of  mountains, caves and rivers and lakes; learning about and caring for the environment is also a strong focus.

All activities are led by fully qualified teaching instructors who hold a wide range of National Governing Body Awards and are experienced and qualified for their activities. 

On residential, our pupils are given the opportunity to improve their leadership skills and learn about hazard recognition and risk control. By the end of the trips the children have developed a deeper understanding of themselves and the contribution they can make to group success. They have a broader understanding and appreciation of the natural environment and how to reduce the impact that we have on fragile habitats. By going on residential we benefit from the positive effects and are able to continue to build on and use their experiences throughout their education and in their lives beyond school.